English: Map of Sorsogon showing the location ...

English: Map of Sorsogon showing the location of Matnog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Other places to visit in Matnog.

Mother nature is the best painter – Anonymous

Matnoganons are very proud of the natural beauty of their hometown.

Aside from Subic which is a favorite destination of local and foreign tourists, there are other spots in Matnog that will surely interest the outdoor lovers.

Subic Saday (Small)  is located left of Subic Daco. If you’re in Subic Daco you can go to Subic Saday by foot during low-tide and vice versa.

Juag Lagoon also known as Fish Sanctuary. This sanctuary is owned by Mano Lupito. Here you can experience swimming with different fishes! (Note: Please refrain from putting your sunblock before you get here if you want to swim, you don’t want to poison the fishes!). Your only expense here are donations and you can buy feeds if you want to feed the fishes. Feeding them means they’ll come near you. hehe

Tikling Island. A privately-owned island. But don’t worry the tenants are kind and will let you stay. Fees are only donations. If you’re brave you can also climb the tree-house found there, using only a rope ladder :). In the case of swimming, be careful of the strong water current (local: sulog)

Cave. This cave can be viewed while on your boat. Some people say the caves look like sunken skull.

Bato Light House. This is an old  light house which is now non-functioning that can only be accessed through a boat. Visit here during low-tide. It’s a great place to take pictures because of the stones scattered around.

If you don’t want to ride a boat you can visit the inland sights

Beach Resorts in Brgy Banuang-Daan. There are four of five resorts: Richwell Resort and Lodging Inn, Bantigue Beach Resort, StarDust Resort, Uya Mila’s Resort, and a nameless resort. 🙂

Padang. Greeneries. Located Southeast. You can go there from Matnog proper by foot or by tricycle (but you’re still going to walk). It is just a bare land sometimes used as grazing land of carabaos, cows and/or goats because it is full of grasses. Locals go here to take pictures (and pretend we’re in new Zealand) and to breathe fresh-air.

Ubo Falls in Barangay Banogao. here you have to ride a tricycle and walk. No entrance fees. Don’t litter please.

Please visit the Municipal Tourism Office for more information.

Below are the Executive Order re Water Code and Tourism Fees released by the Local Government of Matnog



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